Why choose Black River Details?

“I’ve always been a car enthusiast; I remember going out to help my father wash the family car on the weekends, this then spurred a passion for detailing. I’m fastidious about cars and am always researching and testing the newest tools and products, making sure that Black River Details stays up to date in the ever-evolving world of automotive detailing. I treat every car with the same care and passion that I would my own.” Kyan Jogoo

Ferrari 757 Hand Wash Detailing

High Standards & Bespoke Service

Black River Details deliver only the highest standards of workmanship, tailoring each detail to the specific needs of each vehicle.


Secure facility with gated secure access, 24hr CCTV surveillance

Rupes certified detailer

Kamikaze Collection certified detailer

Filtered compressed air

Filtered and purified water

Fully insured

State of the art Rupes polishing machines

Colour matched daylight paint inspection lighting



Nissan R35 GTR

An R35 Nissan GTR came to us for a Light Paint Correction, Full Interior Detail and the full suite of Kamikaze Collection ceramic coatings. View the full project to find out more about what was done to this vehicle and to see the before and after photos.

Alfa Romeo GTV6

An 80s icon that visited us to undergo our Full Paint Correction service. Completely transform the paintwork which was sporting plenty of swirl marks and heavy hand sanding marks. Afterwards the paintwork and trims were ceramic coated to make future maintenance an absolute breeze.


Handmade in Japan to the highest standards, Kamikaze Collection are at the forefront of coating technology, always updating and improving their coatings in a never-ending pursuit of perfection. We are proud to be a Kamikaze Collection Accredited Detailing Centre.

Makers of the best and most widely used machine polishers in the high end detailing industry, Rupes have truly changed the game in the world of machine polishing, hence why we have and use the full line-up of Rupes machine polishers and are a Certified Rupes Detailing Centre.


Specialist detailing services for JDM cars. West Sussex and Hampshire
JDM Cars – Specialist Detailing

At Black River Details, I offer specialist detailing services for our Hampshire and West Sussex based clients. I’m fortunate to work on a huge variety of vehicles at our premises. But, if you’ve read previous blogs, you’ll know that I have a real passion for JDM cars. So, I always get a buzz from detailing these in particular...